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MNC Marketing and Trading

About Us
Industrial Product
Chemical (Fuel) Pump and Flow Meter
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About Us

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and offer reliable service to our customers. We hope you enjoy visiting our web site as well as using our products.

Our Employees

We are small but we do big business.
Mr. Cain Wong,
Myself as the pioneer to the business.
The Staffs
The team who pledge to serve the best and deliver quality products

Our Company

MNC Marketing and Trading  was a newly setup trading company in Malaysia, registered under Companies Commission Of Malaysia reference number: 001615307-M.

We deal with various supplier in and out of the country. This include a wide area of market in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and other country as well.

With the lead of Founder, Mr. Cain Wong, along the resourceful business partners around world, the company had grown into a strong business base. 

MNC Marketing and Trading have successfully build up a high and potential market network.


The Concept
"We believed the market is create by people like us."
Every product which design and manufacted has their value in the market.
We add our service to your products. top-up the value for customer.
What we do ?
We do business, diversify the risk of supplier and share the profit with customer.
What we aim ?
We want you to be our supplier and customer. aim to get a quality product and fair price to customer.
How we do it ?
Ask Mr. Cain Wong, about his objective, vison, strategy and planning.

MNC Marketing & Trading (Com Reg: 001615307-M)
15, Bandar Darul Aman
06000, Jitra Kedah
Mobile: +6012-7705389